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дадим персональные рекомендации.
Annual meeting with our English Teachers 2019
Head of HR departmentDear teachers,
I would like to thank you once again, and point out that we appreciate working with you.

We have been cooperating with many of you for years and become more than just colleagues.

Some of you are already back home or keep moving in other directions but nevertheless you are forever in the Story of Denis' School.

Each of you is a special, amazing person who contributes to our common cause. I am proud to say that we have created a unique team of professionals, which is not only successful and hardworking, but also very united and friendly! Thank you for the fact that our weekdays are not an everyday, depressing routine, but that they are bright and interesting.

Head of HR department Anastasia Tereshina

and TTD namely:
Alyona P.
Andrey C.
Aleksandra G.
Ninel K.
Nadezhda G.
Olga V.
Philip K.

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